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"Dancin’ Away With My Heart" - Lady Antebellum Cover

Title: American Honey (Cover)
Plays: 21

"American Honey" - Lady Antebellum Cover

Title: We Owned The Night
Artist: Lady Antebellum
Album: Own The Night
Plays: 180

I’ve fallen in love with Lady Antebellum again. I only have their second album, and now I really want their new album, but I’m spending a boatload of cash on some Kate McGill exclusives soon, so I’m saving the rest of my money until next month. Anyways, I’m obsessed with about four of their songs right now: “Wanted You More,” “Ready to Love Again,” “When You Got a Good Thing,” “Hello World.” I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed with their country twang. It’s not summer country; it’s more like summer/autumn country, so it’s perfect for this time of year. (Basically I think every time of year and every climate matches up with a certain kind of music or a certain band or a certain song. I’m a firm believer in this.)